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Learn Survival In The Wild with our Survival Course

Imagine that you are out on a wilderness exploration and become stranded and lose your pack. Could you improvise and build a fire and shelter using only what natural materials you can find in the forest? A Survival courses will teach you essential knowledge required for survival in such conditions. Our Survival courses will provide you with knowledge so that you can survive with or without the amenities you might include in your backpack.

Our Survival courses will provide you with the crucial know-how needed for survival in the wilderness. Participants in a Woodland Ways Survival courses will learn fundamental survival skills while enjoying the splendid natural surroundings that acts as a classroom. If you are passionate about nature, select a Woodland Ways Survival courses and begin your own explorations.

Among the topics covered in our Survival courses are the basic survival skills involved in setting up a camp. Skills learnt during our Survival courses include finding water and purifying it, building fires and shelters, and finding and preparing food. Hopefully you'll never need to make use of this skill, but first-aid knowledge from such a Survival courses is always critical.

Other topics covered in our Survival courses are tracking, plant identification, natural navigation as well as compass navigation among others. You'll develop a fund of practical knowledge from our bushcraft survival courses that you'll carry with you always, and this is the kind of baggage that won't take up room or weight in your pack. This Survival course is all about learning to take care of yourself, living with nature and respecting the wild, expanding your knowledge and abilities and enjoying yourself in the process.


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Free Survival Courses tips article. FREE BUSHCRAFT TIPS: Preparation for bushcraft Survival courses

Well this last couple of weeks have certainly been a return to a good and proper winter... we don't mind at all, we'd much rather be cold and dry than cold and wet! But the extremes of temperature do prove that we should be prepared for anything that nature can throw at us. So this week we go back to basics and Jason opens up his Survival Tin to share with you the contents.

Bushcraft for me is about the knowledge you hold in your head, and the confidence of being able to apply this knowledge. This happy state of existence can only be gained through practice... and practice... and practice. Indeed I would never profess to have stopped learning, everytime we go out I pick up another skill.

But you can give yourself a slight advantage in these changeable conditions that we are experiencing right now by carrying a small survival tin. Below is a brief introduction to the contents of mine, which fits into an old tobacco tin...

  • Fire Steel
  • Small Bandage
  • Candle
  • Button Compass
  • Snare Wire
  • Analgesic
  • Potassium Permanganate
  • 2 Boiled Sweets

You'll notice that some books will advise you to carry more (for example matches, plasters, wire saw, water purifiers etc), and I would actively encourage you too! But I have developed my own tin over time. I have been able to reduce the size/weight/contents through developing confidence that I can produce fire, get food, and purify water with these contents. But obviously, my main tool is my Bushcraft Knife.

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Jason Ingamells - Chief Survival Courses Instructor .

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Survival Courses